Tyler Strangam - December 2023 Winner

Tyler Strangman – December 2023 Winner

We are pleased to announce that Tyler Strangman has been named the December Brox Safety Champion Award Winner. December is a time when heightened work zone awareness is extremely important. Tyler’s dedication to work zone safety was exemplified when he noticed a few cones were down behind his tack truck during a job on a late Friday evening last month. He immediately took it upon himself to stand them up to ensure they would be visible to oncoming traffic. This is a prime example of “See something, say/do something” and embodies our safety first culture. Shortly afterwards, while a crew member started paving, a distracted driver entered the work zone and swerved at the last minute when she saw the cones. If the cones were still down, the driver could have driven right into the crew. And not only did Tyler prevent a distracted driver from a potential incident, his dedication caught the attention of a state engineer, who highly praised both his actions and Brox’s unwavering commitment to safety. Way to go, Tyler! The Brox team is proud of you, and we thank you for your ongoing commitment to work zone safety!