Professional Results For All Your Projects


At Brox Industries, Inc., we have the professional capabilities to satisfy nearly any business needs. From asphalt paving to material supply, we have the tools, knowledge, and manpower to fill your project specifications, on time and on budget.

Brox has continued to expand our customer base to include private businesses, state and federal contracts, airports, educational institutions, and more. However, for every new sector we’ve entered, we’ve always maintained an essential connection with our local clients.


Brox frequently works to fulfill the paving needs of both regional and international airports throughout New England, including Logan International Airport, Beverly Municipal Airport, Norwood Municipal Airport and Hanscom Air Force Base.

Municipal Infrastructure

When helping to revitalize municipal infrastructure, Brox supports the rehabilitation of water, sewer, and gas lines by providing materials and paving services.

State & Federal Highways

Brox has been involved in the expansion of the federal highway system dating back to the 1950’s. We continue to be involved in the ongoing maintenance and improvement of state and local highways.

Educational Institutions

Brox also supplies various products and services to area contractors to improve buildings in the education sector. From elementary schools to colleges and universities, we supply the products and services needed to complete any project.