Professional Results For All Your Projects


At Brox Industries, Inc., we believe the highest quality products provide the very best results. Our products – whether hot mix asphalt or aggregate building supplies – come from our local quarries and asphalt manufacturing plants. No matter what you need for your project, Brox can provide it, deliver it, and install it – all at a competitive price.

Our company also works with recycled materials to reduce our footprint on the environment. Using these recycled materials allows us to reintroduce useful asphalt and materials, giving them new life and a new, useful purpose.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Products

We operate successful manufacturing plants in all nine of our locations. Click here to see a list of all our locations.

Constantly evolving, our asphalt products are able to meet all D.O.T standards and are incredibly strong in their composition. Brox Industries, Inc. can provide any amount of hot mix asphalt to meet your specific needs, and the needs of your customers.


Brox Industries, Inc. is also a top-rated local supplier of aggregate materials. We offer a myriad of products ranging from sub-base construction material to 6-inch crushed stone, and everything in-between. We sell by the ton, and all of our aggregates are quarried locally.