Jesse Forcier - November 2023 Winner

Jesse Forcier – November 2023 Winner

We are delighted to announce that Jesse Forcier has been named the Brox Safety Champion Award Winner for November. On Thanksgiving morning, Jesse demonstrated exceptional dedication and quick thinking. After putting the turkey in the oven, Jesse took a drive around the plant to ensure everything was in order, even though we were closed for the holiday. As he was leaving, he noticed a puff of black smoke and immediately sprang into action. Jesse discovered a fire had broken out at our Hot Rubber Plant and bravely attempted to extinguish it. When he realized the situation was beyond control, he promptly called 911. Jesse remained on the scene and assisted the Dracut Fire Department as they put a stop to a fire before it turned into something catastrophic. We feel very fortunate he had a hunch to take a drive through on a down day! Jesse’s quick actions and selfless dedication remind us of the extraordinary individuals we have as part of our team. The Brox team is proud of you, Jesse, and we thank you for your swift response and ongoing commitment to workplace safety!