Brandon Cavallaro - April 2024 Winner

Brandon Cavallaro – April 2024 Winner

We are pleased to announce that Brandon Cavallaro has been named the April Brox Safety Champion Award Winner. On an early morning in April, Brandon was called to a high-traffic area on the MA Pike to work on a broken-down tractor-trailer. With rush hour approaching, he made the decision to use an attenuator truck instead of a regular maintenance fleet vehicle to the site, prioritizing safety for the entire team. Incorporating a safety mindset in pre-task planning is key to preventing accidents and injuries. His proactive thinking ensured the mechanics had the protection they needed from highway traffic, especially during the rush hour. When the mechanics arrived on site to the highway breakdown, they were very grateful Brandon was thinking about safety before they dispatched to the job. Way to go, Brandon! The Brox team is proud of you, and we thank you for your ongoing commitment to job site safety and for demonstrating exemplary leadership in safety!